Posted Sunday, October 28, 2012 by Team Northwoods

Appointments Reminder – Set Work Hours and Reserves for 2013

Calling all agencies using Compass® Appointments. It’s time to set up 2013 Work Hours and Reserve Appointment Slots for each employee. Work Hours are general hours during which each employee is available. Reserve Slots are specific hours each employee is available for specific types of appointments (ex. Intake or Redetermination).

Here are some recommendations from your friends at Northwoods:

  1. Create new hours and slots as soon as possible to avoid scheduling hiccups for 2013 appointments being scheduled now
  2. At the latest, create new hours and slots by Dec. 15
  3. Wait until after hours to create hours and slots to avoid performance issues
  4. Large counties – Create hours quarterly
  5. Small to midsize counties – Create hours annually

Please refer to the Compass Appointments Supervisors Manual or call your Northwoods Support Center at 1.866.424.7800 for assistance.