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Can't Miss Conferences for Human Services in 2022

Over the past several years, this blog post has become a go-to resource for readers looking for information about the best industry conferences to keep up to date on key issues, trends, and topics impacting human services.  

Well, like everything else, COVID-19 continues to impact many of the conferences and events we would typically recommend. Since things remain up in the air as we start the new year, many organizations are still figuring out their plans for moving forward. Despite all that, we want to provide some information to help you find the best events to fill your schedulein person or virtually.

Keep reading below for some details on national conferences (all tentatively planned to be in person) and virtual events, or visit local/state-specific conference websites to learn more about each of those. We’ll continue to update this list throughout the year as new details and opportunities become available. 

Northwoods-at-APHSA-ISM-2021National Conferences

  1. AWS Summit Washington, DC (May 23-25) 
  2. APHSA's National Health and Human Services Summit (June 12-15)
  3. NASW 2022 National Conference (June 22-25)
  4. HSFo Annual Conference (August 7-11)
  5. APHSA's ISM Conference (October 23-26)

Virtual Events

  1. NextGen Government Training Virtual Summit (May 11; September 21)
  2. Child Welfare Virtual Expo (September 28)


Local/State Conferences


Amazon Web Services (AWS) Summit Washington, DC

  • Who? Employees and thought leaders across government, education, nonprofit, and the public sector, plus customers and members of the AWS Partner Network (APN)
  • What? Deepen your cloud knowledge and gain new skills to design and deploy solutions in the cloud to accelerate your mission.
  • When? May 23-25
  • Where? Washington, DC
  • Why? AWS always does an excellent job of blending technical education and thought leadership with inspiring keynotes and success stories at this Summit. Any time Northwoodians have attended in the past, they come back really excited to apply what they've learned to improve both our tech and our team.
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  • Learn more: Look for more details to be added here in the coming months (or sign up to get them via email)

American Public Human Services Association's (APHSA) National Health and Human Services Summit

  • Who? HHS agency directors, program administrators, and professionals
  • What? Showcases transformation efforts underway across the nation focusing on human services program integration, innovation, workforce capacity, and other important industry topics.
  • When? June 12-15
  • Where? Arlington, VA
  • Why? APHSA is optimistically planning this conference to be fully in person in 2022something that hasn't happened since 2019. Northwoodians who attend this summit always come back with a ton of insight on how policy changes and industry trends will affect our customers. Given how much has changed since the last time we attended, we're really looking forward to this one! 
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  • Learn more: Visit APHSA's NHHS Summit page for more details as they become available

National Association of Social Workers' (NASW) 2022 National Conference

  • Who? Social workers, social work thought leaders, and like-minded professionals
  • What? Opportunities in professional development, continuing education, networking, and thought-provoking conversations tackling the most pressing issues facing the social work profession across the world.
  • When? June 22-25
  • Where? Washington, DC and online
  • Why? What a time to be a social worker. We know you're tired, overwhelmed, and overworked, and yet you're unwavering in your commitment to keep kids, families, and communities safe. We hope this event will provide you with resources, inspiration, and support to stay positive and keep going.
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  • Learn more: More information will be posted on the NASW Conferences page as it becomes available

National Association of State Human Services Finance Officers Organization (HSFo) Annual Conference

  • Who? State and local finance professionals; federal officials and policy-makers
  • What? Exchanging ideas, learning from each other's successes, and blending best practices related to changes in federal and state policies and regulations.
  • When? August 7-11
  • Where? San Antonio, TX
  • Why? We know that budgets and finance are an ongoing challenge in human services, especially when it comes to purchasing technology. Given how much emergency funding streams and flexibilities have come and gone over the past couple of years, this conference is bound to be especially in 2022.
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  • Learn more: Visit HSFo's website for additional information

APHSA’s IT Solutions Management (ISM) for Human Services

  • Who? Agency directors, program administrators, IT directors, technology partners, and government officials
  • What? Brings together federal, state, local, and private sector thought leaders to discuss lessons learned, emerging issues, and key trends relating to HHS technology.  
  • When? October 23-26
  • Where? National Harbor, MD
  • Why? ISM is hands down one of our favorite events to hear from partners and industry experts about the most important IT topics and innovations impacting human services.
  • Related link: Cloud Technology for Human and Social Services: The Guide to Getting It Right
  • Learn more: Visit APHSA's ISM Conference page for more details as they become available

NextGen Government Virtual Training Summit

  • Who? Public servants across a wide variety of experience levels
  • What? The NextGen Summit has always been about about inspiring, developing and preparing emerging leaders in government. GovLoop will host the virtual summit twice in 2022. The first is aimed at those who are in the beginning stages of their careers in public service. The second will focus on supporting government employees who are supervisors or further along in their career journeys.
  • When? May 11; September 21
  • Where? Virtual
  • Why? GovLoop's professional development opportunities are always top notch. This year's events have some sessions lined up that will help you navigate the post-pandemic professional world, from how to avoid burnout to how to network and maintain connections in a hybrid world.
  • Related link: Hybrid is Here to Stay: How to Support Remote Teams in Human Services
  • Learn more: Visit NextGen’s website for additional information

Child Welfare Virtual Expo

  • Who? Child welfare professionals from federal, state, tribal, and local organizations
  • What? A virtual expo featuring national experts, providing attendees with information and discussions on a timely child welfare topic 
  • When? September 28
  • Where? Virtual
  • Why? This expo (the only one on the list that has always been virtual!) is one-day event full of online activities and virtual discussions for child welfare professionals. Every year, this expo focuses on one specific topic and sessions are tailored to address all aspects of the chosen topic. We'll update when details are announced!
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  • Learn more: Coming soon

What other conferences are on your radar this year? Let us know!


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