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Dear Social Workers, Thank You for Showing Up.

Social workers are some of the most resourceful, creative, and passionate people in the world. It’s just one of the reasons we're so appreciative of your unwavering commitment to serve. No matter the circumstances, you always rise to the occasion. Thank you for being a source of stability and strength for the families and individuals who rely on you.

We know it can be hard to stay positive and keep fighting given everything going on in the world right now. We want to share some stories and quotes about the amazing work you do in hopes that it helps boost your spirits on tough days.

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My Teachers Told Me I Was a Superhero

Alexandra Zannis, a social policy officer in Canada, wrote this poem that beautifully expresses the complexities of what it means to be a social worker.

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Do not tell me I am a superhero. Just tell me I am blessed.
That every day I get to do a job that makes it worth getting dressed.
Tell me that I am lucky, that I should hold it dear.
That this present I’ve been given is people’s lives and happiness and fear.

– Alexanda Zannis, Social Policy Officer

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A Day in the Life: Stories from a Community Outreach Social Worker

Margaret Kramer chronicles an 8-hour day visiting clients, providing a snapshot of her life as a community outreach social worker. Margaret says she is grateful and privileged to be a social worker, and these small interactions throughout the day leave her capable of doing such important work.

This work is a process; it is not, as some may think, “a fix” or making order out of a mess.
Sometimes and mostly, it is just holding out a hand, lending an ear, witnessing. Consistency. Accepting.

– Margaret Kramer, Community Outreach Social Worker

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A Tribute to Social Work, the Field That Shaped and Now Supports Me

Elizabeth Hamilton is a licensed social worker and mom raising a daughter with Friedreich’s ataxia, a rare disease that primarily affects the nerves and muscles. Elizabeth reflects on how her background in social work now helps her navigate the challenging moments when caring for her daughter.

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I would like to take a moment to honor my colleagues in this incredible field.
From the hard hours to the challenging moments, your work truly matters.
You may not always get to see the outcomes of all you do,
but know that I am a better parent, person, and professional because of you.

– Elizabeth Hamilton, MSW,LSW,

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Social Workers: The Vital Force in Addressing Mental Health

Social workers are at the forefront of addressing today's mental health crisis, offering essential support, guidance, and care to those in need. This post from Columbia University's School of Social Work dives into the pivotal role that social workers play in assisting individuals with mental health issues.

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Social workers not only provide direct care but also advocate for their clients' rights and access to resources.
They assist individuals in navigating complex systems, such as insurance, housing, and employment,
to address the social determinants of mental health.

– Columbia University's School of Social Work

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Hospice Social Workers Share Their Stories

Medical social workers throughout Ohio's Hospice share why they got into social work, the importance of their work supporting patients and families as they face the end of life, and their favorite memories.

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We bring knowledge, comfort, presence and genuine compassion to families to help ease their fears.
They are allowing us to be part of their story. It is a genuine honor to even be invited, especially at the end of their lives.

– Amanda Fazakas, Medical Social Worker, Ohio's Hospice of Central Ohio

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A Love Letter to Social Workers on the Front Lines of COVID-19

Written during the height of COVID-19, Melanie Stage, assistant professor at the University of Buffalo School of Social Work, shared how social workers were going above and beyond to help others navigate the pandemic, even when it meant putting their own health and safety at risk. Even now, social workers continue to provide hope and help people pick up the pieces as the public health emergency winds down.

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Social workers are there to make life worth living. 
They provide hope in the midst of loss, find resources for those who have none.”

Melanie Stage, Assistant Professor, University of Buffalo School of Social Work

divider-footerWe hope you find these stories uplifting and encouraging. And if you have your own story or know of one regarding social workers finding or providing hope in difficult circumstances, please don't hesitate to share it. We always love to hear from you!


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