Posted Saturday, December 15, 2012 by Team Northwoods

Holidays With Human Service Agencies

The holiday season is here and in full swing. While many of us are putting up lights, decorating cookies, and fighting through crowds at the mall, we may look past the difficulties some families face during the holidays. Human services agencies across the nation are doing everything possible for families in need.

Pam Meermans

Pam Meermans
Deputy Director of Family & Children Services, Clark County JFS

I had the joy of speaking with Pam Meermans, deputy director of family & children services at Clark County Job & Family Services, who was able to share how her agency goes above and beyond to provide for families during holidays. Clark County’s activities provide a glimpse into how agencies across the country are giving back.

Pam expressed that the holidays are definitely “bittersweet” because the children just want to be with their families. During this time, the agency facilitates extra visits for children who have been removed from the home to see their family.

One of the most traumatic experiences for children who are removed from their home is to be placed into foster care. As of today, Clark County JFS has 99 kids who are in the foster care system. With the donations from the Springfield Exchange, Clark County was able to host a Christmas party for these boys and girls. On December 2, 2012, over 80 Clark County kids were given gifts and celebrated the holidays.


The agency was overflowing with presents from Wright-Patterson

Because of the generous angel tree donations from the Wright-Patterson Air Force base, Clark County JFS was able to give 275 gifts to children living in households that are in need of assistance. Many of the boys and girls are a part of the kinship program for children who can no longer live safely in their home so they are placed with their loving relatives.

Oakwood Village Nursing Home decorates Christmas trees for local residents, which inspired the employees at Clark County to do so as well. A total of 24 uniquely decorated Christmas trees were donated this year, 14 from Oakwood Village and 10 from the Clark DJFS staff.

Thanks to agencies like Clark County Job and Family Services and the generosity of many partner organizations in the local community, families are able to experience a happy holiday.