Posted Wednesday, May 27, 2015 by Jim Aten

What’s New in Compass CoPilot for Mobile Social Workers

Mobile social workers face unique challenges in their day-to-day work from an unexpected need for a referral form to unplanned emergency home visits.

It’s my privilege to share the latest improvements to our mobile productivity solution, Compass® CoPilot, designed to help social workers spend less time worrying about paperwork, and more time on strengthening families.

Share Extensions

We’re very excited about the new Share Extensions feature in Compass CoPilot, a purpose-built app for mobile social workers. It allows mobile social workers to import images, audio files, or documents from other iPad apps directly into the case file.

For example, a worker can import a PDF of a report card emailed by a school, or an image created in the app GenoNote that diagrams a family and its relationships. After importing, workers can immediately view the file in Compass CoPilot, and later sync the file to Compass Pilot.

Whats New in Compass CoPilot for Mobile Social Workers

Adding Items Simplified

A few user interface changes mean social workers can more easily add new documents, audio, or forms. The document types are easier to locate and the three most frequently used document types or forms will appear at the top of the selection window to save social workers valuable time when working with families.

Form Favorites

Don’t forget about another recently-added feature, Form Favorites for CoPilot, which allows workers to move an editable form between the desktop and iPad, giving mobile workers greater flexibility when creating and completing forms in the field. A worker can start a form in the office, sync and continue editing the form in a mobile environment, then sync the form back to edit, submit, request a supervisor’s review, or share with another worker.

Stumped? – Don’t Forget Online Help

Caseworkers and social workers can access online help documentation from directly within Compass® software. Online help provides an intuitive, user-friendly search and interactive tools including how-to videos and tutorials.

Starting with our next release, 6.3.50, online help will be optimized for every device, so it helps workers find answers quickly from their desktop or mobile device, no matter where they are.

To take full advantage of these features, your agency must be using a current version of Compass software. Upgrades are no additional cost to our customers, so please contact the Northwoods Upgrades Team at 614.408.8710 to get started.

Jim-Aten Jim Aten is the Chief Delivery Officer and leads the delivery of Northwoods’ products and services from product creation and delivery through customer support.