Posted Thursday, February 19, 2015 by Jim Aten

Have You Heard What’s New in Compass Software?

Providing our customers with new features and enhancements for our human services software solutions boosts user experience and efficiency, which ultimately helps our customers provide better service. 

That is certainly something all of us at Northwoods are proud of.

It’s my privilege to share the latest improvements to our appointment management, desktop productivity, and mobile productivity solutions. If you like what you see, let us know that your agency is ready for a free upgrade to take advantage of these new features.

Compass® Appointments

Our Compass Appointments lobby and appointment management software has time-saving new features. 

Agencies can use the new web-based reporting feature for an intuitive and holistic view of client flow analytics or take advantage of new features such as improved round robin selection, enhanced lobby monitors displays, and customized views of queued items.



Compass® Pilot

Our desktop solution, Compass Pilot, has additional new features to increase agency-wide productivity.

A new feature allows users to mark and display inactive cases so caseworkers can quickly determine which cases are no longer active.

Compass Pilot also now supports OnBase 14® by Hyland and has several enhancements to improve speed and performance for users, such as faster login and the ability for 1,000 users to submit scanned images simultaneously.


Compass® CoPilot

Compass CoPilot is a purpose-built app for mobile social workers.

A new feature, Form Favorites for CoPilot, allows workers to move an editable form between the desktop and iPad, giving mobile workers greater flexibility when creating and completing forms in the field.

A worker can start a form in the office, sync and continue editing the form in a mobile environment, then sync the form back to edit, submit, or request a supervisor’s review.



Stumped? – Don't Forget Online Help

Caseworkers and social workers can access online help documentation from directly within Compass software. Online help provides an intuitive, user-friendly search and interactive tools including how-to videos and tutorials. (See related article, Northwoods Unveils Integrated Online Help System)


How to Upgrade

To take full advantage of these features, your agency must be using a current version of Compass software. Upgrades are no additional cost to customers. Please contact the Northwoods Upgrades Team at 614.408.8710 to get started.


Jim-Aten Jim Aten is the Chief Delivery Officer and leads the delivery of Northwoods’ products and services from product creation and delivery through customer support.