Posted Monday, December 22, 2014 by Team Northwoods

Top Five Northwoods Blog Posts in 2014

We’ve had another great year here at Northwoods. As we welcome the beginning of 2015 we want to take a look back at the top five most viewed blogs on our website in 2014. 

Please check out any of these blogs that you may have missed, or even take a second look at some favorites. 

Here are the top five blogs starting with blog post number five:


5. What Would Social Workers Do With an Extra Hour Every Day?

The study conducted with social workers from Fairfield County Child and Adult Protective Services in Lancaster, Ohio found that Northwoods’ Compass® CoPilot on a mobile tablet computer decreased documentation time by about an hour, which social workers were able to shift to direct contact with clients.


4. Ten Things Social Workers Wish Their Clients Knew

Since social workers aren’t the type to voice complaints, we thought we’d give a few the opportunity to tell us what they wish their clients knew. Following is a list of 10 such things, based on input from social workers on our staff and our collective time in the field. We present it in the spirit of helping social workers inform the rest of us.

Mobile solution helping Winona County social workers focus on families not paperwork-main

3. Mobile Solution Helping Winona County Social Workers Focus on Families, Not Paperwork

Skyrocketing caseloads, mounds of paperwork, and unpredictable schedules are among the challenging, but common, obstacles that block social workers from their mission: protecting families. That’s why Northwoods is so pleased to unveil our new case study about a very forward-thinking agency in Winona, Minnesota.


2. Why I Chose to Be a Social Worker

This blog article was written by Abigail Hust, who graduated from the Ohio State University in May of 2014. She writes about why she chose to be a social worker and addresses several stereotypes people have of social workers and even mentions where she wants to find herself in the future.


1. Beaufort County Reduces Turnover, Expenses with Social Services Software

Mountains of paperwork and antiquated business process were interfering with Beaufort County Department of Social Services (DSS) social workers’ and caseworkers’ mission to protect vulnerable children and adults, and provide benefits to clients needing income maintenance services. To tell the story of how Beaufort County DSS is overcoming these challenges, Northwoods is pleased to present this case series about how the agency is using technology in social work to save time on documentation and focus on families.

Thank you for keeping up with our blog posts. We can’t wait to see what 2015 will bring! Happy Holidays!