Posted Tuesday, September 30, 2014 by Rich Bowlen

Beaufort County Reduces Turnover, Costs with Social Services Software

Editor’s note: This testimonial references a product that will be sunset in 2022. Learn more about our next-generation child welfare technology or view more recent case studies.

Mountains of paperwork and antiquated business process were interfering with Beaufort County Department of Social Services (DSS) social workers’ and caseworkers’ mission to protect vulnerable children and adults, and provide benefits to clients needing income maintenance services.

To tell the story of how Beaufort County DSS is overcoming these challenges, Northwoods is pleased to present this case series about how the agency’s child protective services, adult services, and income maintenance units are using technology in social work to save time on documentation and focus on families.

So far our social services software is helping the agency experience spectacular results: 

  • 13% reduction in turnover
  • Social workers are saving up to 2-3 hours per day
  • More accurate and timely case notes
  • More time to interact with families
  • 75% reduction in office supply expenditures
  • Continuously audit-ready

Beaufort County DSS Income Maintenance

Laura Lewis is relieved that all of her files for income
maintenance are easily accessible from one place.

Beaufort County DSS Child Protective Services
Jacob Meetze documents a CPS home visit in his
car before returning to the agency.

The results mean less stressed, happier workers, which has resulted in a 13 percent reduction in turnover across the agency. 

"Our employees love all the Northwoods products, especially CoPilot. Social workers have stated that with the same caseload size as they had prior to CoPilot, they now feel their workload is manageable. The only social worker turnover since implementing CoPilot has been related to planned retirements. Social workers state that they could go to other agencies and make more money, but stay due to the positive working environment that is supported by our use of technology,” said Sonya Toman, Director. 

See more firsthand reactions from workers, supervisors, and local county officials in the video case study series.