Posted Friday, April 3, 2020 by Lauren Hirka

Traverse Quick Tips for Remote Workers

TraverseTo our Traverse® customers,

As essential services personnel, having the right tools in your toolbox is important as you need to access information quickly, wherever you might be.

To support you in your continuing efforts to keep children, families, and yourselves safe during this time, here are seven tips for making the most of Traverse.


Visual learner? Watch this quick video of all seven tips or download and save them as an infographic.


Tip #1: Use File Uploading

Traverse supports not only physical scanning but also digital uploading of content, without requiring you to handle a physical sheet of paper.


Tip #2: Download and Share Content Items Digitally

Adding content to Traverse allows you to share it securely with others in your agency, outside providers, or collateral contacts via email.


Tip #3: Get a Head Start on Forms

Traverse autosaves progress, so you can fill out known information on forms before entering the family’s home. When you arrive at the family’s home and open your in-progress form in Traverse mobile, you’ll be able to pick up right where you left off.


Tip #4: Digitally Collaborate with Coworkers on Forms

Traverse enables you to digitally hand off forms to other Traverse users by using the handoff button.


Tip #5: Digitally Capture Case Content

The Add button in Traverse mobile allows you to capture documents digitally when you’re out in the field using your tablet’s built-in camera, and families can keep their copy of the paperwork.


Tip #6: Capture Content without Connections

You can use Traverse to collect content for cases that haven’t yet synced from your System of Record, or in situations when you don’t have a data connection, then connect that content to the appropriate people and cases once you re-establish a data connection and receive the relevant information from your System of Record.


Tip #7: Search Case Content

Once you’ve captured all of this valuable content, Traverse web allows you to search the text of that content for information that can help you make even more informed decisions for your families.


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For more Traverse tips, updates, help, and training, check out the Traverse Resource Center by clicking the question mark icon in Traverse web. You can also review in-depth training videos in Northwoods University.

View our resource page, "Managing Remote Teams in Child Welfare," for additional information on helping manage today’s COVID-19-related remote work or telework challenges.



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Lauren Hirka, Product Manager

Lauren Hirka, product manager, sets the long-term vision and strategy for Traverse, our content collection and case discovery solution, including the product roadmap, messaging, and communication with internal and external stakeholders. Lauren has spent hundreds of hours with child welfare professionals to research and develop Traverse from its inception.