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Posted Thursday, September 19, 2019 by Team Northwoods

5 Things Every Public Sector Agency Should Consider Before Procuring New Technology [PCG]

Carole Hussey, associate manager in Public Consulting Group’s (PCG) Human Services practice, weighs in on the value of vertical domain specialty when evaluating new technology solutions for human services, posing five questions organizations should ask throughout the process.

Full summary:

The public sector has been historically risk-averse when it comes to technology innovation and procurement. However, the tides are turning as new opportunities and purpose-built solutions continue to emerge. Many human services agencies are still hesitant to take the leap, especially when considering new products that haven’t yet been fully implemented in similar agencies or states.

PCG’s Carole Hussey explores an important question that has stemmed from these conversations in her LinkedIn article, “Vertical Specialty: Does It Matter in IT?” 

As Carole notes, you can manage your roadmap and procurements in a way that provides the programmatic expertise you need when and where you need it, while also implementing modern and innovation technology solutions. You just need to consider some key factors: team composition, scale, function vs. architecture, demonstrations, and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Read Carole's article on LinkedIn

divider-footerPS: Rich Bowlen, Northwoods’ vice president/evangelist, child welfare, recently published an article in APHSA’s Policy & Practice detailing best practices for writing RFPs that spark innovation and lay the foundation for meaningful change. Together, Carole and Rich have created a solid list of questions you should ask when evaluating potential technology partners or innovations that support both modernization and programmatic impact.


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