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Posted Monday, May 7, 2018 by Team Northwoods

Northwoods Announces Traverse for Protective Services

Software empowers social workers to make informed, confident decisions about safety

DUBLIN, OH—May 7, 2018—Northwoods announced today its newest content collection and case discovery solution for adult and child protective services. The software, Traverse®, helps social workers collect, view and share content for abuse, neglect, foster care and adoption cases from anywhere at any time.

Social workers use the web-based software in the office to scan and upload documents, and a companion mobile app to easily take photos and complete forms when meeting with children and families.

Traverse also uses artificial intelligence to read the case like a social worker would to surface and analyze critical information about topics, related events and people connected to the case.

The combination of data collection, content collection and case discovery empowers social workers to make informed, confident decisions about safety because they have a more complete picture of the case.

"The technology is a tool that supports our mission. Where the cost savings are in my mind is that we can get more face-to-face value with the same staff because we're doing the administrative work more efficiently,” said John Pugleasa, director, Houston County Department of Human Services.

Because the digital age has dramatically increased the volume and complexity of information coming at social workers faster than they can manage, understanding the whole story can feel impossible. Since child welfare case files can include hundreds to thousands of pages of information, it’s difficult for social workers to find and apply knowledge from the content collected when making decisions.

Traverse automatically analyzes this information with no additional work from the social worker.

“When social workers have a tool to surface critical information, they can apply that knowledge to safety decisions and spend time engaging families. Ultimately, Traverse will help social workers make tomorrow safer than today for every adult and child,” said Rich Bowlen, vice president, protective services.

For more information, learn about Traverse or view real stories from social workers.

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