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Top 6 Northwoods Blog Posts of 2016

Readers, rejoice!

It’s that time of year where we recap the can’t-miss blog posts of the last 365 days.

Whether you’re looking for customer success stories, technology adoption tips, or inspiration to keep on file for the days when you need to recharge, this list has got you covered.

So grab your reading glasses, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and catch up on the top 6 Northwoods blog posts of 2016. Happy reading!divider-footer.png

(6) 5 Proven Ways to Make Technology Adoption Stickgraphic-field-guide.png
in Human Services

Technology is improving efficiencies in the workplace like never before. So why is it that so many human services agencies struggle with getting their teams to adopt these new tools?

If you want to make technology adoption stick, follow these five proven – and practical – ways to make sure any new technology you roll out within your agency has the impact you’ve been planning for.


(5) Cabarrus County’s Modern Lobby Means Happy Clients Cabarrus Lobby email photo.jpg

Chaos. Confusion. Long wait times. Sound frustrating? Cabarrus County Department of Human Services’ (DHS) caseworkers and clients agree, so they partnered with Northwoods to turn things around.

Cabarrus County DHS redesigned its lobby, upgraded appointment management software, and modernized business processes, all of which helped improve efficiency, communication, and customer service. In fact, the agency saved caseworkers 1-2 hours per day – time they can now spend processing applications for services much faster.


Lenoir blog thumbnail.jpg(4) The Secret Behind Lenoir County’s Child Support Success

A high caseload and antiquated case management system was overwhelming Lenoir County Department of Social Services’ child support caseworkers.

Producing court orders and motions was a manual, tedious process. Caseworkers also lacked access to critical case information in court.

With Northwoods’ document management solution, caseworkers are exceeding timeframes for case closure and court orders, can electronically view and collect documents in court, and have more time to locate noncustodial parents and interact with clients.


(3) How Beaufort County’s Integrated Case FileCanton-District-Webinar-photo.png Means
Better Client Service

Beaufort County Department of Social Services (DSS) consistently meets federal mandates for timeliness and accuracy, works more efficiently in NC FAST, and shares client data across program areas. So how are they doing it?

With a document management system that shares data across program areas, caseworkers no longer have to scroll through a 100-page pdf of a case file to find a single piece of information. Instead, anyone in the agency (with proper security measures applied to keep confidential information safe) can access the case file and key client information with the click of a few buttons.


(2) 15 Inspirational iPad Wallpapers for Social Workers

Being a social worker can be challenging. We created these 15 inspirational iPad wallpapers to help keep you going, even when the going gets tough.

  Be_the_change.png     Lifting_others.png     Flower_bloom.png  


(1) Why Did You Go into Social Work? (Social Work Month Series)

Over the years, we’ve talked to dozens of people about what it means to be in social work. In honor of Social Work Month 2016, we shared a snapshot of social workers' answers to four questions we commonly ask: Why did you go into social work? What’s the most challenging thing about social work? What stereotype about social work would you clear up? What is the best thing about social work?


“I got into social work because I believe in the power
of the human spirit. I believe that people can really overcome
insurmountable odds if they are connected with
the right resources and the right people.
I really believe that.”

- Kaylo Brooks, Child Welfare Social Worker,
Crow Wing County Community Service, Minnesota

Thanks for reading along this year, friends. We’ll see you in ’17!