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Top 5 Northwoods Blog Posts of 2018

This year's list is full of expert content, inspirational stories to remind you why you do what you do, and other resources to help you utilize social work technology.

Happy reading!

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(5) 30 Child Welfare Technology and Business Terms to Know 

We believe technology should always solve problems—not cause more of them. Since child welfare technology is constantly evolving, it’s easy to feel like you’re always a step behind.

To prevent that, we’ve compiled a list of terms you’ve likely heard in conversation or come across in practice articles related to technology, along with their definitions, how they relate to each other, and how they can positively impact the child welfare practice.



(4) How Does the Opioid Epidemic Impact Child Welfare Caseworkers?

Learn how increasing caseloads, information overload, secondary trauma, turnover, and other “ripple effects” of the opioid epidemic are further compounding an already complex situation.

In the words of Kristi Burre, the deputy director of Fairfield County Child and Adult Protective Services in Ohio, “The needs of our families, the needs of our children, and the needs of our system are more critical than they’ve ever been before.”


(3) Building Software to Solve Social Problems

Don Abney, Northwoods’ chief technology officer, has spent the last 20 years developing and delivering technology services.

Earlier this year, we asked Don to answer some questions about how Product Delivery (PD) at Northwoods continues to evolve and innovate to meet customers' needs.

Read more to learn about his vision for the future and how these changes impact you.


(2) Debunking Common Child Support Myths and Misperceptions 

A lot of the information the average person believes he or she knows about child support is based on rumor, myth, or what they’ve seen on TV.

In honor of everything child support programs do to help children, we’re debunking four commonly heard myths about the program.

To all the child support workers reading this, thanks for all you do!


(1) 10 Inspiring Foster Care Success Stories

To those who work with children in foster care, we know your days can be long and too often touched by heartbreak. But because of your dedication and concern, you help create joy and hope for the families you serve.

To honor your work, here some amazing foster care success stories. We hope you find them to be an inspirational and heartwarming reminder of why you work so hard to make an impact on children and families.

Thanks for reading along this year, friends. We’ll see you in ’19!

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