Posted Wednesday, March 8, 2017 by Team Northwoods

Social Workers Share ‘Stories That Stick’ to Celebrate Social Work Month

National Association of Social Workers (NASW) launched this year’s Social Work Month campaign – Social Workers Stand Up! – “to educate the public about contributions of social workers and why the professional title of social worker is so important.” What better way to honor the amazing things social workers accomplish than by sharing the stories of the children and families they stand up for every day?

In honor of Social Work Month 2017, social workers from Carver County Health & Human Services and Sherburne County Health & Human Services told us about the children and families that have stuck with them over the years.

Watch the individual stories below, or view the full playlist on YouTube.

Ann Fuller, MnCHOICES Assessment Unit Supervisor, Carver County HHS

Dan McCoss, Social Worker,
Sherburne County HHS

Gina Rodewald, Long Term Care Supervisor, Carver County HHS

Jenny Neubauer, Developmental Disabilities Social Worker, Carver County HHS

Sarah Kulesa, Social Worker II, Resource Unit,
Carver County HHS

Julie Bentz, Certified MnCHOICES Assessor, Carver County HHS

Julie Mlsna, Lead Child Protection Investigator, Sherburne County HHS

Kelly Hildre, Children's Mental Health Social Worker, Sherburne County HHS

Steve Oie, Children's Mental Health Social Worker, Sherburne County HHS

Virginia Vik, Mental Health Social Worker, Sherburne County HHS


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