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Readers' Choice Recap: Top Blog Posts of 2019

As another year comes to a close, it's time to recap our top blogs of 2019. Without further adieu, here's a countdown of this year's posts that our readers found most helpful.

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(6) Answering Your Commonly Asked Cloud Questions

Not so sure about the cloud? You’re not alone.

There are plenty of counties, and even some states, still in the process of wrapping their heads around what—if any—cloud-based technologies are right for their needs.

However, the benefits of the cloud, like reduced ongoing costs and automatic upgrades, are worth the conversation. 

If you have questions or concerns about the cloud, this post will help address them.


(5) Technology Regression Happens. Here's How to Fix It.

People turn over. Processes change.

If the way you use technology doesn’t keep up with the way you work, the efficiencies and time savings you once gained may slowly trickle away—especially several years later. 

Read this blog post for common signs of regression and four tips to keep your technology on track. Plus, you'll get an overview of how Northwoods' Solution Optimization can help customers maximize ROI and uncover hidden potential.


(4) Onboarding Made Quick and Easy in Human Services

It takes time to document information. It takes time to learn each child’s story. It takes time to build trust with families. And before all that can take place, it takes time to train workers on new technology. 

But, we know you don’t always have that kind of time.

In this blog post, we categorized some key steps that you can take to efficiently train new workers on your technology and related processes so that they can focus on doing meaningful work with the people who matter most: their clients.


(3) Child Welfare Call to Action: Don't Wait to Innovate

There are thousands of families who don't have days, months, or years to wait for changes to take place that could meaningfully impact their lives for the better—whether that's adopting new technology, rethinking outdated processes, or re-writing age-old policies.

That's why Rich Bowlen, our child welfare evangelist, wrote this post on embracing risk and facing fears head on to give vulnerable children, families, and adults the help they deserve.


(2) Connecting the Dots: How Traverse Can Positively Impact a Child's Life

The impact of opioids, the rising need for out-of-home placements, and other challenges make it difficult for child welfare agencies to fulfill their missions to safeguard and deliver the highest possible quality of service.

This blog post shares six specific use cases that demonstrate how Traverse®, our solution for child welfare, meets the business needs of your agency, while positively impacting the children and communities you serve.


(1) Elevate Social Work: A Roundup of Resources You Need to Succeed

Every day social workers empower some of the most vulnerable children, youth, and families.

While the job is typically thankless, we like to take time each year during Social Work Month to show our appreciation for your amazing work . This year, we celebrated how you get people the resources they need to succeed by providing the same for you!

We gathered a combination of inspiration and resources to help social workers succeed and stay motivated throughout the year, including memes to make you laugh, stories to lift your spirits, self-care tips to reboot, and more.


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As always, thanks for reading along with us in 2019! Have trends, topics, or challenges you're interested in learning more about in 2020? Let us know in the comments.


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