Posted Sunday, April 6, 2014 by Team Northwoods

Cookie Cutter Training Won’t Cut It for Protective Services Part 1: The Typical Approach

We caught up with three Northwoodians with expertise in our mobility solution for protective services to find out why our training approach – Northwoods’ Coach Model – resonates so well with social workers. 

Coach-Model-Headshot-Rich-Bowlen Coach-Model-Headshot-Charles-Barber Coach-Model-Headshot-Matt-Leasure The result is this 7-part blog and video series featuring contributions by Rich Bowlen, Director, Protective Services; Charles Barber, Solution Analyst; and Matt Leasure, Project Manager. 

The Typical Approach

If you’ve ever been to a typical software training class, you know the drill: attend a classroom-style lecture, receive a flood of how-to information about the software, leave the training with little to no understanding of how to actually apply the technology to your day-to-day work.

Unfortunately, human services workers are no strangers to this lackluster training recipe and the impact is monumental. Unlike professionals who work more traditional 9 to 5 jobs in an office, social workers are out in schools and homes, often in intense situations trying to protect children and strengthen families. There is absolutely no room for doubt or error when using technology for this job. 

(Check out this one-minute video to hear more from Charles, Matt, and a Minnesota social worker.)

The bottom line: the typical cookie cutter approach to training does not cut it for protective services.

Learn more about Northwoods’ Coach Model by downloading the business brief, Cookie Cutter Training Won't Cut it for Protective Services.

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