Posted Sunday, August 25, 2013 by Rich Bowlen

The Ultimate Social Services Technology Research Library

Since choosing a career in protective services, my goal has always been a simple one: do the most good for the most children.

So when I transitioned from serving as the director of a child and adult protective services agency to my new role at Northwoods, one question loomed in my mind; could a private sector business be just as passionate in helping me to still meet that goal?

The answer, thankfully, has unequivocally been yes. Northwoods’ commitment to helping agencies protect children is the number one reason my goal is intact. On a daily basis, my activities are focused on creating opportunities to help agencies discover new ways to overcome administrative and direct service challenges. Recalling how time consuming and frustrating it is to conduct research both in and outside of the child welfare industry, I created this online Research Library to share.

The library links agencies to templates, articles, and presentations from human services industry experts outside of Northwoods, all of which are valuable tools to any director researching critical topics such as change management, transformational leadership, and technology in social work.

To further assist you in reducing the time it takes to pour through an overwhelming amount of information, I’ve reviewed each resource so you’ll know exactly how it can help your agency explore, transform and implement technology in human services in the following four ways:

  1. Discover human services software solutions that work for your agency
  2. Support your case for funding and conversations with stakeholders
  3. Implement technology for social workers by gaining internal support
  4. Draw on best practice strategies from across the country on transformational leadership

To help with that time crunch even more, you can sign up to receive email notifications directly in your inbox every time I added a new resource. Don’t panic; it will only be every few weeks.

I hope you’ll check out the Research Library to see why I’m so proud and excited to have this unique opportunity to help agencies and most importantly, help keep kids safe. 

Rich Bowlen is Director, Protective Services at Northwoods.