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An Essential Reading List for Human Services Agency Directors

No matter how many different priorities human services agency directors juggle, one thing always remains the same: wanting to deliver the best possible experience and outcomes for the families that rely on your agency’s services.

That means carving out time to research what’s going on in the industry as a whole, what other agencies and programs are doing to improve service delivery, and what new tools and technology are emerging to help workers do their jobs better.

We’ve rounded up five of our favorite government, human services, and technology websites to help agency directors get ahead of the curve.


APHSA launched its new blog in March to highlight innovative strategies – like framing, the Human Services Value Curve, and two-generation approaches – that human services agencies can implement to improve outcomes in the communities they serve.

Get started with: What’s Wrong with Worthiness? And Other Framing Dilemmas …



Governing is a fantastic resource for all things human services, whether you want to read up on the latest trends and challenges impacting the industry, or see how programs across the country are innovating the delivery of services. You can also sign up for GOVERNING’s Human Services newsletter for a twice-monthly roundup of recent articles.

Get started with: Your Peer Specialist Will See You Now: A New Kind of Mental Health Care


Government Technology

Government Technology covers a little bit of everything – from funding and procurement, to data and analytics, to the general implications of technology on government. Although the site doesn’t have a section specific to human services, it’s interesting to read about how other areas, like transportation, education and healthcare, are leveraging digital technology, and what we can learn from their programs.

Get started with: Data-Sharing Efforts Aim to Improve Child Welfare, Juvenile Justice Outcomes


HHS Idea Lab

The HHS Idea Lab was established to empower innovation and collaboration within health and human services.

The Lab’s blog highlights the various programs and initiatives it launches to accomplish its mission, plus shares key takeaways, thought leadership, and other best practices that human services agencies can apply to their own efforts.

Get started with: How Cross-Agency Collaboration Can Work for the Greater Good



While the rest of the blogs on this list show what happens at the intersection of social services and technology, INorupt’s blog provides tips and highlights tools to help your agency get there.

Get started with: 5 Returns on Investment in Social Services Technology


What other blogs and websites are you reading? Let us know and we’ll continue to expand the list. You can also follow all five resources mentioned here with our Twitter list.


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