Posted Wednesday, November 26, 2014 by Team Northwoods

5 Tips for Keeping Children Safe and Preventing Injuries

In honor of Child Safety and Prevention Month, we compiled five tips for keeping children safe and preventing injuries. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, legal guardian, or baby sitter, it is crucial to educate yourself about keeping children safe and injury free. 

Tip 1: Preventing Child Abduction

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has a wonderful article about preventing child abduction. The article includes the profile of a “typical” infant abductor and provides statistics on infant abduction. View the article to obtain information about preventing child abduction.

Tip 2: Poison Prevention

Many household items contain toxins and can be very harmful if they come into contact with children. Safe Kids Worldwide describes ways to prevent children from coming into contact with toxic products. View the poison prevention tips 

Tip 3: Promoting Fire Safety 

Children of all ages need to be aware of fire safety procedures. Parents or legal guardians need to make sure that the home is equipped with smoke alarms and the proper equipment to put out fires. The American Academy of Pediatrics describes the proper procedures to teach kids about fire safety (kids as young as age 3 can start learning about fire safety). It also describes how to make sure that the home is safe from fires. View the fire safety procedures 

Tip 4: Knowing the Proper Use of Car Seats 

Any parent or guardian needs to be familiar with the laws regarding car seats in their own state. Parents Central describes how to find the right car seat, how to install the car seat, and how to register a car seat. View the car seat safety tips 

Tip 5: Using Safety Gates Around the Home 

Once an infant is mobile, baby-proofing the home is a must. One effective way of baby-proofing the home is with safety gates. helps outline when to install baby safety gates, what type of gate is best for the stairs, and what features are needed. View the tips on safety gates 

Of course these are just a few precautions one should take when thinking about child safety and prevention. Happy Child Safety and Prevention Month!