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Posted Wednesday, January 30, 2019 by Rupam Chokshi

Making IT Modernization a Reality for Agencies [GovLoop]

Approaching IT modernization from a business perspective is the key to successful digital government initiatives. GovLoop’s eBook explores this idea in depth, while summarizing key themes, initiatives, and takeaways from a recent round-table discussion on cloud content management and IT modernization.

Full summary:

“You can’t just flip a switch to become a digital government. Change like that takes new tools, new processes, and a new way of thinking. Essentially, you need to transform the way you work.”

This line from GovLoop’s eBook on IT modernization caught my attention because it mirrors something we often discuss at Northwoods: you can’t successfully implement new technology if you don't also consider the people using it, the processes it impacts, or the problems it solves. (Bonus read: Learn more about how we build solutions at the intersection of problems, technology, and design.)

So, when committing to modernization, how do you get buy-in from non-IT employees and leadership? How do you mitigate risk? How do you keep everyone aligned on the same goals and mission?

Check out the eBook for more insight and ideas that you can tailor to your agency’s needs.

Read the eBook

PS: I also recommend reading SmartCitiesWorld’s article, “CTOs Outline the Make-up of a Modern Government Agency,” as a primer on this topic. It outlines what several public sector IT leaders agree are the six critical drivers required of a modern government agency.


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