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Posted Monday, August 19, 2019 by Rupam Chokshi

Transforming Government: Insights from Public Sector Leaders [Government Business Council]

A new survey from Government Business Council says only 40% of respondents agree their organization’s transformation efforts meet their objectives. Conflicting priorities and a lack of coordination between departments is a barrier. Respondents also lack the right systems and technology to access the data they need to make decisions.

Full summary:

Government Business Council polled over 750 government workers and leaders to gauge how they think public sector modernization and/or transformation projects are going, as well as the roles that data, technology, and process play in these efforts. I like this report because it represents a wide range of job roles, tenures, and levels of government and paints a realistic picture of where efforts should improve.

These are some of the results that caught my attention:

  • Only 40% of respondents agree or strongly agree that their organization’s transformation programs meet their objectives. Looking at efforts across the whole public sector, this number falls to 25%. It’s no secret that modernization is an ongoing process, so if people don’t think the efforts are yielding the right results, you risk losing their long-term support or participation.
  • Respondents say conflicting priorities and lack of coordination between departments are the top two challenges to transformation. We can create a more direct path to stability by understanding and providing the whole body of services a person needs, not just the one they come through the door for. Our priorities and efforts— around modernization, service delivery, data sharing, or anything else— need to be aligned to make the most meaningful impact.
  • Nearly 40% of respondents were either somewhat or very dissatisfied with their access to data to support decisions. Further, inadequate systems/technology to analyze data is the largest barrier to accomplishing this goal. This can put agencies at risk of making the wrong decisions, plus delay individuals or families from quickly getting the services they need.

The recap from Government Business Council also includes recommendations and lessons learned from respondents to help make other agencies’ programs more successful.

Read the survey and full recap for more insights, perspectives, and key takeaways.


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