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Posted Wednesday, January 31, 2007 by Rich Bowlen

Improving the Child Welfare Workforce [National Center for Youth Law]

The National Center for Youth Law recommends 11 strategies for improving the child welfare workforce, and thereby outcomes for children and families.

Full Summary:

Successful recruitment and retention continues to be an area demanding significant resources from child welfare organizations. The difficulty in retaining staff goes beyond dealing with a revolving door: it has a devastating impact on the families and children relying on your agency for services.

As I have met with numerous Protective Services Directors and administrative personnel over the past several months, nearly all have requested assistance in helping to put together their “business case” to help educate their board members, elected officials, and community regarding the importance to invest in frontline staff and supervisors.

The accompanying article from the Journal of the National Center for Youth Law provides a simplified top 11 list that can be very helpful to those having conversations with key stakeholders. One of the themes represented in this journal article is the importance to properly equip today’s social workers with the proper technology.

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