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Posted Tuesday, November 29, 2022 by Team Northwoods

Northwoods Acquires Connect a Voice

Partnership extends technology solutions into developmental disabilities care

DUBLIN, Ohio—Nov. 29, 2022—Northwoods today announced the acquisition of Connect a Voice, a Dublin-based technology company that provides solutions for those who care for people who have developmental disabilities.

Connect a Voice is a digital solution for companies who provide direct support professionals to help those with developmental disabilities. With the Connect a Voice application, providers can better equip their staff with the right tools to collect pertinent information such as billing records, service documentation, and Electronic Visit Verification.

Traditionally, Northwoods has provided document management software to state and local human services agencies who perform adult & aging, child welfare, economic assistance and child support services. Northwoods has spent nearly two decades revolutionizing how agencies manage, collect, view and share content and data and provide better support for families all over the country.

Now with Connect a Voice added to the product portfolio, Northwoods is ready to do the same in the realm of developmental disabilities care.

The acquisition is a result of Northwoods’ 2023 strategic mission, which includes three main components:

  • Creating a greater social impact with new products in new markets, ultimately increasing the number families receiving help through Northwoods offerings
  • Growing the portfolio of products and offerings, allowing customers to overcome a wider variety of challenges
  • Expanding into new markets, growing knowledge of the various types of social work out in the world and advancing our capabilities to serve them

To solve the needs of developmental disabilities providers, Northwoods needed the capability to help providers prove compliance and meet billing requirements. Connect a Voice was the right partner to do that.

“Since day one our mission has been to ‘help the people who help the people’,” said Gary Heinze, founder and CEO of Northwoods. “With the acquisition of Connect a Voice, we are advancing that mission. We are expanding our impact by creating more ways to change how the world performs social care. We’re excited to tackle the growing challenges of the development disabilities market.”

“The mission of Connect a Voice started with simply wanting better access to information about what my daughter was doing on a day-to-day basis,” said Tom Shovelton, founder of Connect a Voice. “We quickly learned that the information I wanted to see was very similar to the information her provider needed to run its business. Our mission is to make this information easy to collect, analyze and report so that we can improve the lives of providers and those they care for. I feel confident that Northwoods will help us better achieve that mission.”

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Northwoods develops customized, high-tech software solutions for human services agencies. We help state and county human services agencies do more with less and get the results they need. Nearly 45,000 caseworkers across the country use our solutions to manage, collect, view and share content and data more efficiently. As a result, agencies improve service delivery, maximize productivity, make informed decisions and achieve better outcomes. Northwoods is headquartered in Dublin, Ohio.